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Does Running a Business + Running a Family 

Make You Feel Like Running Away?

Motherhood isn’t for the faint of heart. Neither is entrepreneurship.

Both take great courage, determination, and just plain love – and both take a huge toll on your energy and your sanity. Sometimes the strain of juggling both can make you feel like running away to join the circus. The problem is, it seems like you’re already in the circus.

Well, step right up – you are in the right place! Welcome to High Wire in Heels – your sacred space under the big top.

I’m Alyssa Middleton, Ringmistress Extraordinaire, and I’m here to turn what can feel like a circus into a sanctuary for you and your entrepreneurial dreams. By streamlining your business and turning it into a productive, money-making machine, you’ll have the peace, serenity (and full bank account!) that you’ve only been dreaming of until now.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re on a high wire in three-inch stilettos, teetering between your role as a mom and your dreams as an entrepreneur, + ready to fall off any minute… you’re not alone.

At High Wire In Heels, you’ll find resources to help you whether you’re

  •  Just starting out in business and feel overwhelmed
  • Trying to grow your business but feel stuck because of family responsibilities
  • Simply looking for the ever elusive ‘work/life balance’ we all crave (Hint: it’s an illusion! But we’ve got some sneaky ways to get around it…)

I provide creative, yet surprisingly simple tools to help you simplify your business, clearly market your products/services and be more productive so you can quickly make the money you want without sacrificing time with your loved ones.

I am confident that the unique community you’ll find here will provide the support you’re craving along with practical tips and training to help you master wire the high wire and be a stunning example of success and achievement.

Join me under the big top, won’t you?

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